It wasnʼt “just” the creative, artistic mind (nose) behind the blending of an omnipresent composition. Through my continuing journey Iʼve learned, what we sometimes think is too “trouble” us is with purpose to shape us. Through much prayer and meditation I was introduced to the art of natural perfumery by the way essential oils. I have been on a mission studying how to aromatically heal as many people as I love, you. The choice of each note thoughtfully chosen in preparing each bottle. It is personal to me, I hope now it is for you! With Grace...

We're curating an experience for a natural beauty & wellness movement that celebrates love, grace and natural healing. Love, Grace. (Love, Grace. The Brand) is a lifestyle brand that produce handmade organic and natural plant-based beauty products for women and men. Above all, we believe in Grace -- defined as a simple elegance or refinement of movement. That is who we are at the core and who we have (as people) been for centuries. 


Nurturing day-to-day body ailments naturally is key to healing efficiently and effectively for a healthier lifestyle. Every order is made with care by the very hands that owns and operates Love, Grace. The Brand, Indya Hicks. With over 10 years of experience in the beauty & hair industry, and curating her love for exquisite parfums -- she was inspired to design a holistic concept to combine beauty and wellness as an experience to anoint and heal the mind, body and soul. 

Back in 2015, Indya's father suffered from an aggressive Aschemic Stroke. Through his journey to recovery, Indya became even more intrigued to curate botanical antidotes to trigger the mind and body through natural herbs, plant-based oils and botanicals. Indya is no stranger to a natural and organic lifestyle, she has been using plant-based products like Aloe Vera as a daily hair and body regimen for over 20 years. 

"I have to know what I’m putting in and on my body. It is by our soul in which we exist but our body’s in which we live. I’m here to help you with both." -- Indya Hicks

 -- My love story with fragrance & the desire to heal naturally, birthed Love,Grace. The Brand  -- Indya Hicks

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