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Bakhoor/ Incense burner info:

LG’s Bakhoor/ Incense burner is used for meditation, uplifting the mind and refreshing the mood.

The burner can be used to set the tone in your home and or personal space. It has been used during yoga, clearing out negative energy and or purification such as sage. It can simply be burned using a lighter (by heated coal) placed far away from anything that can catch fire.

To get the best bakhoor experience the use of incense such as frankincense, myrrh, incense cones or wood chips that have been soaked in perfumed oil which releases an exotic fragrance in your space upon being burned.

To burn bakhoor, you will need the following items:

  • Incense ( Incense cones, Frankincense, perfumed wood chips)
  • Charcoal disc
  • Gold tongs are included in the set. (Use these to hold and place the charcoal disc into the burner once the disc is heated)
  • Lighter

Steps to use the burner

  • Using the gold tongs place the charcoal disc in-between to light the disc using a lighter
  • Place the disc using the gold tongs into the burner
  • After a while, the disc will form some gray soot-like ash over the top indicating it is hot and ready
  • Now you can place a piece of frankincense, myrrh, perfumed wood chips (bakhoor) or incense cone on top of the disc with tongs and experience your exotic bakhoor/ incense experience
  • Use a little, it goes a long way.
  • When you are done with burning bakhoor, cover the burner with the top of the burner to extinguish the coal disc and only dispose of the coal when you are sure that it is completely cold.

The coal itself does not release smoke which is why you should use this special kind of charcoal for burning. The bakhoor/ incense releases rich fragrant smoke which is used to scent your space.

Please be sure to keep the hot coal away and out of the reach of pets and children. Always be present to supervised

LG will not be held liable for any repercussions to unsafely handling the use of the LG bakhoor/ Incense burner.