Love, Grace The Brand is wellness reimagined. A collection of handmade, oil-based parfums, crafted with natural, aromatic healing properties and, well, Grace.

Grace (noun): a gracious share in the divine life of God, unexpected and undeserved, in the form of divine favor, love, and mercy.

What began as a holistic journey into essential oils revealed itself as the permanent anchor of my grandmother’s legacy. Eleanor Grace was the matriarch of my family, whose very essence was rooted in keeping us together and showing us how to love and take care of one another, unconditionally. I wanted to share her with you, and could find no better way than to extend her love, from me to you. The epitome of class and character, Love, Grace The Brand became an homage to Eleanor’s masterful ladylike persona.

Each scent is handcrafted with properties that nurture your body and promote natural beauty, healing and wellness. I know this because I’ve tested it myself. In 2014, my father suffered from an aggressive ischemic stroke, severely affecting his ability to communicate. In response to his wellness journey came my own. Through prayer and meditation, I found solace and a passion within myself. I began exploring ways to curate botanical antidotes that were made with love, made with grace.

M E E T | I N D Y A

Indya Nwokorie is a beauty professional and perfumer based in Prince George’s County, Maryland. She began exploring the medicinal side of essential oils in 2016, creating body balms and oil-based antidotes with a focus on aromatic healing and natural elements.

After intense training and practice, Indya received her certification in natural perfumery. Focused on blending her expertise in the benefits of aromatherapy with her formal training inscent-making, Indya began to develop handmade parfums in her home

Maintaining her commitment to wellness, each scent from Love, Grace The Brand is crafted with aromatic properties, designed to heal and help others with grace.